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Despite the impression that computer programming and coding have recently gained popularity among this generation, educators have considered it for the past 60 years!

They earn vital self-assurance and a good start. Building a robot is a more approachable and appealing method to engage the next generation of young people with science and technology.

The youngsters won't find this task as challenging as you would believe and less daunting as you might think!

What is a Robot? 

There are several definitions of a robot, yet as of yet, there is no genuine agreement. “An electromechanical device that can respond to its surroundings in some way and make independent judgments or take action to complete a job.”

  • A toaster, a light, or an automobile, for example, would not be regarded as robots since they cannot perceive their surroundings. On the other hand, a solar panel that searches for the sun or a vacuum cleaner that can explore a room may also be categorized as a robotic system.
  • It is also crucial to remember that any completely remote-controlled equipment, such as the "robots" in Robot Wars, would not fit under this classification and would resemble a more sophisticated remote-control automobile.
  • Although this definition is rather broad, it may need to change in the future to stay up with the most recent developments in the industry.
  • Finding out what your robot should do is the first step (i.e., what is its purpose in life). Robots may be employed in practically any circumstance and are primarily made to assist humans.
  • Robot construction is entertaining and exciting in and of itself!
  • Users can apply their ideas to robotics, which combines elements of numerous fields, including engineering, science, and the arts. Making people laugh with your products (mainly if they are interactive and user-friendly) encourages interest in the subject, among others.

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