TokSkill Learn Course Creator Partnership Program

In this fast-paced world where everything is advancing with discoveries, the current generation is always curious about learning new skills or trying to build a robot on their own at a very young age. And these young minds need expert advice from skilled tutors worldwide to shape their talent.

Wed Aug 17, 2022

TokSkill Learn is the fastest-growing creative and maker video community(Web, Android & IOS Mobile Apps), where the top creative and maker experts can share their knowledge and expertise through well-made online courses. We are creating a more significant creative and maker community where members can learn skills from around 100+ courses by experts.

Why is TokSkill Learn the best platform for experts to share their knowledge?

The vision and mission of TokSkill Learn are to empower the young generation to become creators versus consumers of technology. And we ensure all the creative and maker courses will be made available in vernacular languages to make learning easier.

Hence, as a creator and expert, you would not just share your knowledge; instead, it would help one accomplish his dream. You will be the Guru to shape those young minds heading towards making the world better and more advanced.

It's satisfying in more ways than one to assist people on their artistic path. You can increase your online following, give back, and make money by teaching on TokSkill Learn.

TokSkill Learn instructors are true working creatives and specialists willing to share their knowledge. If you're a seasoned creative professional with ideas, strategies, and talents to share, we have a comprehensive set of materials and timely assistance to help you develop programs that inspire.

Benefits of being a Tokskill Learn Teacher

Get Exposure and Recognition
We believe that the course creator partnership program will expose the teacher's generated course to more people in our creative & maker community, allowing course makers to have a source of earning money and recognition among millions. Our team has collaborated with over 100 very influential creatives and maker course creators by now, and there has been no stopping ever since then.

Zero Pressure to be Formal
As we believe in vernacular language for teaching, you can be free to teach and connect with your students in a friendly manner and ensure the best learning experience for the students.

No Skill Limitation
You are wondering if your expertise would fit into our criterion or not. Well, think no more. We welcome all kinds of skills that can benefit our students and discover new potential in themselves. You are set to go if you have the right skills to cater to your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who can be a TokSkill Learn Teacher?
    TokSkill Learn instructors are working professionals, subject matter experts, and subject matter enthusiasts. However, if your class follows our Course Guidelines, it may be published on TokSkill Learn. A lesson will be issued for free.
  2. What skills should I teach?
    TokSkill Learn is an online learning community that offers lessons in Fashion design, Interior design, Art & Craft, Photography and video editing, lifestyle, Writing & Speaking, Gardening, Animation, Personal & Professional Development, Drone building & flying, Jewelry making, Beauty products making. Within these sectors, there is a lot of potential for distinct and particular abilities and expression.
  3. How can I earn money at TokSkill Learn?
    The instructors can earn up to 91% Royalties from our TokSkill Learn Platform. You only need a Bank Account. As soon as we verify it, we'll save it in our company payout account so you can quickly receive the payments. The teacher needs to send your Bank Account Details through email to proceed with it. TokSkill Learn issues teacher payments in Indian Rupees through Company's Bank Account.
    1. Payout capabilities: Make 24/7 payouts to your bank accounts.
    2. Processing Time: Payments for each month are paid out on the 10th. For example, you would receive payments for the courses sold in your classes and referrals made from Jan 1st to Jan 30th on Feb 10th. Bank Account: Within one business day.
    3. Fees: TokSkill Learn covers the transaction fees for the Bank Transaction.
    4. Taxes: Will deduct students paid GST during course buy because TokSkill Learn is required to pay student paid GST taxes to the Government of India.
  4. Can we have some special sessions?
    Yes, if required, the Teachers can create a 1:1 live session for the benefit of your students. You can also access your created course discussion forum.