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Top creative and maker specialists offer their knowledge and skills through well-made online courses on TokSkill Learn, the fastest-growing creative and maker video community (web, Android & IOS mobile apps). 

TokSkill Learn aims to empower the next generation to use technology as producers rather than consumers. To facilitate learning, we also ensure that all creative and maker courses are available in local tongues. As a result, you would help someone achieve their goal in addition to offering your skills as a creator and expert. 

But as teachers, we need to have some prerequisite knowledge on producing quality course content and the equipment used in the process.


It would be best to boost your production ante to generate income from your developed online course. 

 The most significant course video prevails in today's fiercely competitive video-focused world! 

Investing in high-quality video production tools is a surefire method to improve your videos.

  • Raw video recording equipment for video production
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Audio Equipment
  • Equipment To Edit Your Videos


The gear you'll need to record the raw footage is covered in this section. Ideally, you'll need a camera and any necessary extras for this. The equipment you will require is listed below. 


Although cameras come in many forms and sizes, more is required to capture movies with a professional appearance. 

Regardless of the camera, ensure it has a full-frame video sensor and can record at least 4K footage. The Canon M50 Mark II is the right choice if you're looking for a beginner-level mirrorless camera that won't lower the quality of your movie. It enables full HD video recording at rapid frame rates (120p). 

 With a 1.5x crop, users can obtain a maximum speed of 4K/24p and benefit from Dual Pixel focusing. It also provides a massive selection of high-quality lenses for various settings and visual effects. 

 You must consider a pro-level mirrorless video camera if you want additional functions and videos of outstanding quality. And the Sony A7SIII is our top choice for this. 

With this cutting-edge camera, you can take advantage of improved image stabilization, smooth image quality, zooming in or out, and excellent sound recording.  This versatile camera can capture full-frame images and record 4K video at 120 frames per second. 

Users benefit from increased focusing, in-body image stabilization, and high frame rate video. 


 Panning and tilting shots are essential for video production, but you can't accomplish these smoothly simply by holding the camera in your hands. 

You, therefore, require a tripod. It facilitates steady camera control while shooting, resulting in a stabilized video. We suggest the Velbon DV-7000N for this. It is a portable fluid-head tripod that will assist you in keeping your camera steady and moving while filming. 


 Using an additional lens allows you to change the camera angle and produce short videos. Depending on the focal length and the particular requirements of the video, a wide variety of lenses are available.

 Use Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Art to get high-quality pictures. It is adaptable and has excellent prime and zoom shooting capability. 


 Large files for raw videos are usually produced, especially with expensive cameras like the Sony A7S III. Depending on how long your shooting segments are, you'll need a memory card with a high capacity. 

We advise utilizing quick, high-quality SD cards like the SanDisk Extreme Pro. It has excellent read and writes speeds. With speeds of up to 300MB/s and a 64GB memory, you may capture lengthy videos without worrying about running out of room. 

If you're shooting longer videos, you can always choose a storage option of 128GB or more.


It could be challenging to appreciate the significance of lighting in video production unless you watch a video that is poorly lit. The problem is that lighting creates an atmosphere and lets you emphasize essential details in your videos. Listed below is the lighting gear you'll need for the many lighting-related goals you may have. 


Individuals' faces and exposed body parts must be lit without damaging their eyes. You can aim for the Aperture Light Dome SE for this. 

Professional YouTubers strongly endorse this fantastic tool. Additionally, it enables you to select the lighting's color temperature. 


To achieve balance in your lighting use, you might also need to draw attention to the surrounding objects or decorative accents. 

The best option for this is the Lite panels Gemini 11 RGBWW LED Panel. It is a versatile projector that works well for lighting walls. 

It has a soft LED and offers a variety of lighting options, such as CCT, Hue, Saturation, Gel settings, and an effects mode, allowing you to customize the ambiance of the shooting area. 


You don't need to use light if you believe the area where you're filming your video is well-lit. Instead, using a reflector can stabilize and maximize the available light. 

 Use the Newer Flat Panel Light Reflector, 4055 inches/100140 centimeters. This set has four full-length light reflectors that you can employ based on the recording environment. 

Remember that the time of day, the position of the sun, the surroundings, and other factors will all affect how you should set up your light reflector. 

Additionally, a basic understanding of lighting systems is necessary for the optimal positioning of light mirrors. Here is further information on how to set up light reflectors. 


Simply put, a backdrop is a background you utilize to capture videos. With the aid of settings, you may make original videos and avoid using distracting objects and environments that are too colored. 

There is no conventional form of backdrop for everyday usage; instead, many distinct sizes and types are available. 

Use a background composed of resilient, flexible materials like vinyl or cotton for convenience and high-quality video shooting. Make sure it's also simple to wash, fold, and transport.


A specialized audio toolset is also required to record the most fantastic sound for your videos. Let's talk about the equipment you will need for this. 

The majority of the time, video cameras include built-in microphones that capture sound. These built-in mics, however, fall short when it comes to producing high-quality audio. 

It would be best if you had a dedicated microphone to guarantee that you consistently record the most outstanding audio for your videos. 

Here are some various microphone choices.


In this lineup, the Rode Smartlav+ is our favorite choice. It is a condenser microphone that enables you to capture audio of studio quality without the use of numerous wires or bulky equipment. 


A shotgun mic is the most outstanding choice if you won't be moving about while filming your videos. Direct mounting these mics on your camera and jack input connection are options. With this mic, you'll need to utilize a windshield to reduce wind noise and enhance sound quality. 

For newcomers, we advise the Rode NTG-3. It provides an excellent preamplifier for picking up sound on a talk show or for a regular individual simply recording their speech. Use the Rode VideoMic Pro for even higher audio quality. 

For video shoots, Rode created the VideoMic Pro. It incorporates every function of the NTG-3 and adds new features for more versatility and improved recording. It functions admirably outside as well, and you can use a boom pole to link it there using either an audio cable or the built-in cables of the rod. 


The best thing about wireless microphones is that they are flexible and provide more options than any other microphone. This kind of microphone can also be worn as a lavalier because it is wearable. The Rode Wireless Go is a well-liked option for filmmakers and is inexpensive. 


To properly edit the audio and produce a better audio track, it is occasionally best to separate the audio from the video while shooting. Digital audio recorders can help with that. Using digital audio recorders, you can preserve your audio file in its original format and move it from one electronic device to another. As a result, you have more freedom to edit audio and can change the audio track whatever you choose. We advise the Sony UX560 because it is the industry standard. You may quickly move files from one device to another because of its simple operation and USB rechargeability.


Audio cables link your computer and your microphone to your camera. It's interesting to note that your sound quality depends on the wires you use. 

Here are a few cables you should take into account when producing videos. 

 ● High-definition camcorders work best with HDMI. 

 ● USB is the preferred method for connecting a camera to a computer. 

 ● For the optimum audio signal balance, XLR is the best connector. 

 ● The best method for adding musical instruments to your videos is MIDI.


Here is the video editing equipment you will need once you have recorded your video to create your finished product.


 You'll need a computer that can handle producing high-quality videos with large file sizes without making you lose patience (and punching the screen). It would help if you thought about the following specifications for the computer:

 ● an Intel Core i7 processor or faster 

 ● a minimum of 16 GB RAM 

 ● sufficient processing power to efficiently edit 4K video 

 ● 120 Hz minimum for refresh rate 

 ● a 5ms maximum response time 


 To ensure sound quality when editing, you'll also need good headphones. The best headphones for listening to music may not be the best for editing videos. 

One of the top headphones for editing videos is the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO. It functions flawlessly on all devices and offers a neutral tone to make it easier for you to hear the recorded music. 


 You also need video editing software on your computer to combine the various clips and flawlessly edit your video. 

Make sure you select a versatile tool that enables you to perform multiple tasks, such as adding video overlay elements and adjusting the music. 

The best video editing programs are listed here.

 ● Last Cut Pro 

 ● Premiere Pro by Adobe 

 ● Filmora

Start creating your videos

There are all the materials you need to assemble your video-producing machinery. The suggestions might not always be the most outstanding options, particularly from a financial one. 

But remember that premium video production equipment and polished videos cost a lot of money. 

 Therefore, they are the best you need if you want to start and don't have to worry about video production tools or the caliber of your recordings.