Difference between TokSkill Learn and Byju's

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After the advent of Covid-19, more individuals are showing interest in online education for studying and teaching objectives. And to fulfill this need, several online venues for learning, creating, and selling courses provide these opportunities.

Let's compare the well-known EdTech forums, TokSkill Learn and Byju's!

Byju's is currently one of the biggest Ed-Tech (Learning) companies. For a variety of competitive exams, Byju offers preparatory sessions. It provides test preparation programs for the CAT, JEE, IAS, GMAT, and GRE and extracurricular school curriculum lessons for grades 6 through 12.

On the contrary, TokSkill Learn is the fastest-growing creative and maker video community, where the top creative and maker gurus share their knowledge and expertise through well-made online courses.

 While many online learning environments essentially provide college-style courses, TokSkill Learn is less formal and focuses more on enhancing creative abilities. And guess what? There is no age restriction to seeking knowledge on this platform. It is for anyone and everyone!!

Anyone can be a student on TokSkill Learn and enhance their skills or learn a new one. Because it believes learning has no age barrier.
While Byju’s helps you excel academically, TokSkill Learn enables you to develop and sharpen your creative cells and makes you the successive innovative creator!
TokSkill Learn doesn't restrict itself only to bookish information and knowledge. It widens your potential to create and build things inspired by your daily life activities. 

On any e-learning platform, educators play a vital role. 

The teachers in Byju’s are from top-notch schools and colleges from all over India, but TokSkill Learn’s Instructors are from all over the world and are experts in their respective fields to give you the best in-hand learning experience.

I hope most of your questions must be addressed by this quick comparison of the two leading e-learning platforms, and you now know which one to choose.

Now you are good to Explore, Learn and Create!