Digital Marketing salary for freshers in Bangalore

One of the most noticeable shifts across nations as brands and organizations adapt to the new normal is the move to digital.


The digital transformation rate is astounding and will probably pick up even more speed in the upcoming year.
Even in this weak economic climate, one profession that has experienced tremendous development is digital marketing.

Scope in digital marketing job

The Indian government launched the "Digital India campaign" in 2015, and it is predicted that even rural regions will be digitized by the end of 2019. As a result, the scope of digital marketing is reportedly at an all-time high.
This entails transforming the public sector by using IT and has stoked the flames of the Indian economy's digitization.
Nowadays, digital marketing is used to debut any new company or startup first online.

Why Choose Digital Marketing?

“To continue winning the internet marketing game, your content has to be more than just brilliant — it has to give the people consuming that content the ability to become a better version of themselves.” — Michelle Stinson Ross, Managing Director of Marketing Operations, Apogee Results

One of today's jobs with the quickest growth and most demand is digital marketing. Why many people find the digital marketing sector interesting is simple. There are numerous reasons to work in digital marketing, including the chance to work on exciting and essential projects, interact with potential clients, associate with like-minded individuals, find new possibilities through networking with clients, and work from anywhere globally.

Salary of a Freshers in Bangalore

The salary range for a digital marketing manager in India is INR 400,000 to INR 18,000,000. This applies to both new hires and experienced professionals. The wage relies on many variables, including the candidate's qualifications, the business they work in, and the type of digital marketing certification they possess.
All of these elements have a significant influence on the numbers. At the same time, you can check that Tokskill is offering you a top-demanding skill that you need to add to your profile to move forward in your career.

What factors can affect your salary being a digital marketer?

According to 83% of CEOs worldwide, marketing is crucial to most of the company's growth goals. In addition, 33% more positions in digital marketing were reported by LinkedIn. Additionally, LinkedIn now lists more than 280,000 positions in digital marketing. Each week, 12,000 are added to that.

This are Top 4 Factors:

  • Educational Background
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Company


Educational Background

A bachelor's degree is required to work as a digital marketer, claims LinkedIn. It could be in journalism, business administration, advertising, or communications. Many digital marketing experts have begun their professions without a college degree. They have started their careers in marketing based on specialist courses in SEO, SEM, data analytics, and more. You should be aware that having more schooling will help you earn higher pay. Online courses are always of help to learn a new skill or upscale a skill anytime and anywhere. The best online courses for learning digital marketing you can find at TokSkill Learn which is affordable and worth opting for. Easy to learn and from the top notch instructors.



You might anticipate earning more than your prior income if you have more than five years of experience as a digital marketer. The compensation you receive will increase as you work more years. However, accumulating expertise is not just a function of the number of years. You could earn more than a marketing copywriter if you specialize in a specific field or work with a particular set of tools. The same is true for those who work in artificial intelligence and machine learning.



There's a chance you'll get paid more than your rivals if you have both hard and soft abilities, such as an understanding of technical SEO, link development, good interpersonal skills, and communication.
You must develop the most in-demand talents in digital marketing, such as copywriting, data analysis, audience growth, social media marketing, project management, and SEO.



The best IT businesses pay their staff excellent compensation. The pay for digital marketing is also not an exception. Startups pay competent and experienced people who provide value to the firm with the highest salary.


The years of experience and the location of the position affect the digital marketing compensation. A digital marketer's salary increased by 15% to 50% for a year, as did the incomes of experts working in several specialties. It is anticipated that the social media industry will continue to bloom and grow more quickly in the next few years.