tokSkill x theHub

A Space Where Ideas Grow

About TokSkill Learn X TheHub

Faster than one can imagine, TokSkill Learn, the EdTech e-learning creative platform, is gaining success and reaching heights by enlarging its community and finding a golden spot in the virtual educational business market. And being the catalyst in the journey of achieving great endeavors, TheHub plays a significant role.

Located at the heart of Tasker Town, inside the iconic Safina plaza, TheHub is an ecosystem of shared spaces that offers creative spaces for co-living, co-working, and events all under one roof! They are a community of bright, creative, and open-minded people.

This creative workspace is known for redefining the term Community. They run mini-experiments and always strive to find ways to drive engagement. The best part about this space is they let all the brands they work with share their story and help them grow accordingly.

The TokSkill Learn team is happy to join TheHub to be offered a space for the creative journey. The team is delighted to receive the utmost support from The Hub in gaining recognition and networking amongst the content creators.
That's not it! The TokSkill Learn team is fortunate to enjoy the perks of networking, creative events, and inspirational design. TokSkill Learn chose this workspace as it relates to the content creator's Community and the team is now glad to be a part of it.

TheHub is undoubtedly a fun place to work that doubles up your creative flow with its aura!