Upskill with Tokskill Learn

A wall artist with those cute little crayons. A homemaker in those tiny makeshift playhouses. A showstopper in the ramps. The great assembler of the complex of toys. The cutest crafts maker and keeper. A beautician, a gardener, a cook, a storyteller, a gamer, a writer of fan fiction, and an editor of fanvids! We were all that. Creative, self-confident, rewarded, and happy. Weren't we? And then, where do you lose track? Let's bring back and nurture the 'creative you' with Tokskill Learn.

An e-learning platform that can bring all of those creative courses under one umbrella, which can assure you a quality learning experience from scratch and from the experts themselves. Have you ever wished for one application of that kind? For you or your children? If yes, that is what Tokskill Learn is. We offer you a wide variety of courses in different creative domains ranging from art & craft and DIY (DO It Yourself) to fashion, designing, photography, video editing, 3D animation, Jewelry making, cosmetic product making, tech product making, gardening, cooking, etc. Established in 2022 and based in Bangalore, our firm is sworn to increase your creativity. We're here to empower a generation to become creators versus consumers of technology.

In addition to the diverse content we bring to the table, we also offer you,
• Professional experts with in-hand experience as tutors
• An impressive e-book library curated by the experts themselves, for each and every course offered
• Lessons in vernacular Indian languages for easier learning
• A global creative community that's willing to share their talent
• A systematic learning experience with chapter-based quizzes and assignments to learn and practice concepts
• Reasonable fees that your piggy banks can afford

So then, what's the delay? Creativity is a choice. Make that choice with Tokskill Learn, right away. Let us be your companion in this journey towards creativity.